Mission & Vision

For decades, the San Francisco Bay Area has cultivated a uniquely diverse and intergenerational culture of art and social justice activism that is admired around the world. Drawing inspiration from historic friendly and mutual-aid societies, the Bay Area Society for Art & Activism’s mission is to celebrate and sustain this distinctive tradition by providing opportunities and resources for local artists, curators and activists.

Our current programs include:

  • Grants and paid opportunities for local artists, curators, writers and activists to develop their work and collaborate with social justice organizations and Bay Area communities
  • Events, exhibitions and informal gatherings to develop meaningful relationships and strengthen diverse and intergenerational communities of shared values
  • An editable, online regional archive for documenting socially-engaged art practices, creative political activism, and teaching artist curricula
  • Consulting services for workplaces and collaborations interested in developing more equitable and sustainable relationships
  • An online platform and quarterly newsletter to promote events and quality conversations about art and activism

Our vision is the healthy and vibrant evolution of the Bay Area’s artist-activists communities and the creative culture of social justice activism that has long characterized this region. The Bay Area Society for Art & Activism is organized to offer substantive, meaningful support for those who work to maintain socially engaged art and grassroots activism as vital regional values.

Become a Member!

Our annual campaign for new and renewing members is happening now. We invite you to become a member of our community at a level that feels meaningful and affordable. Suggested annual memberships are sliding scale $5 – $500 per year. Learn more →

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