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Affordable Housing for Artists? Could it be true?

From Sm-artly by Christina Empedocles… Is there a glimmer of hope peeking through the multimillion dollar Victorians? Yes! It comes in the form of the San Francisco Mayor’s Office Housing and Community Development Below Market Rate (BMR) Ownership Opportunities. You

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The View from Queens: An Interview with Artist Christine Wong Yap

I met Christine Wong Yap in the Summer of 1999 in Philadelphia at a heated July Fourth political rally in support of Mumia Abu Jamal. As two young Asian-American women navigating the East Coast with little more than a skateboard

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From 3.9 to the Last: San Francisco’s African American Creative Legacy Now

Rampant housing speculation, aggressive evictions, and rapid increases in the costs of living reveal continuing economic vulnerabilities among many of San Francisco’s historic cultural communities. This summer’s troubled closing of San Francisco’s Marcus Books, the oldest black-owned, black-themed book store

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