Curatorial Partnerships

Collaborations among local curators, social justice organizations and artists. In order to provide well-funded and meaningful opportunities for arts professionals, our Curatorial Partnerships Program pairs emerging curators with Bay Area social justice organizations to develop exhibitions that explore and promote the mission, work, and core values of these organizations.  More →

Art & Activism Discussion Club

A series of lively and informal discussions about art and class. Participants come together around a recommended reading to keep conversations about art and social justice in the Bay Area friendly, lively and relevant. More →

Art & Activism Quarterly

Our quarterly electronic publication highlights the work of artists working at the intersection of art and activism. More →

Collective Memory: Art & Activism Archive

Modeled on Wikipedia, Collective Memory is an online regional archive for socially-engaged art practices and creative political activism. This intergenerational community archive documents the prolific and longstanding tradition of art and activism in the Bay Area to provide inspiration for its continued development. We invite everyone to recall and contribute historical work as well as to document current work by artists and activists on this collaboratively edited site. Drawing on the rich resources of Collective Memory, the archive also provides content for arts-integrated social justice curricula to inspire teaching artists, educators, and future generations of artist and activists. More →

In Development

Sustainable Workplaces & Collaborations: Consulting Services

Working together is an art. Our consultants draw upon 20+ years of democratic activism and collective expertise to provide consulting services for organizations, businesses, governance boards, cooperatives and other creative collaborations working to develop more equitable and sustainable relationships by addressing issues of oppression, exclusion and diversity. Services include anti-oppression training, conflict resolution training, sustainability assessments, democratic governance, meeting facilitation, facilitation training,  skills-based workshops and structural recommendations. More →

Teaching Artists for Young Activists

Opportunities for teaching artists to collaborate with Bay Area educators and young activists in the classroom.  This placement program pairs teaching artists with Bay Area educators to develop and implement an arts-integrated social justice curriculum. Curriculum and student work is documented and shared on the Art & Activism Archive. More →

Little Grants

Membership awarded small grants ($1000 or less). The Bay Area Society for Art & Activism sets aside a portion of its income to award to creative projects in need of funds and to empower its membership to democratically decide to how grants area warded. More →