Angela Davis on Democracy Now!

Activist and UC Santa Cruz Professor Emerita Angela Davis was on Democracy Now! this week speaking about prison abolition, the war on drugs and why social movements shouldn’t wait for President Obama.

“How does one address the needs of prisoners by instituting reforms that are not going to create a stronger prison system? Now there are something like two-and-a-half million people behind bars, if one counts all of the various aspects of what we call the prison-industrial complex, including military prisons, jails in Indian country, state and federal prisons, county jails, immigrant detention facilities—which constitute the fastest-growing sector of the prison-industrial complex. Yeah, so how—the question is: How do we respond to the needs of those who are inside, and at the same time begin a process of decarceration that will allow us to end this reliance on imprisonment as a default method of addressing—not addressing, really—major social problems?”-Angela Davis

The full interview is available here.

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