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100 Days of Action

100 Days Action 100 Days is a counternarrative to Trump’s one hundred day plan. A calendar of activist and poetic action, 100 Days Festival gathers call to action from organizations and activist groups working in the crossfire of Trump’s plan (Black Lives Matter, Immigrant Coalition, Environment, Planned Parenthood, among others), while also calling on thinkers, performers, visual artists, and writers to propose gestures that can be carried out by participants either at home or in the world. 100 Days is an exercise in endurance, a call for daily action to all bodies that stand against bigotry, xenophobia, racism, sexism, and the destruction of our environment.

If there was a time to take action, to make a concerted effort at becoming politicized, and taking the steps towards affecting change, the time is now. Bay Area-based artists, writers, and cultural producers have come together  for 100 Days

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The Dissidents, the Displaced and the Outliers: Closing Panel Discussion Recap!


  I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I was originally asked to curate a show on privacy, surveillance, and their effects on gentrification in the Bay Area. As much as one would like to think that they

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EFF Digital Privacy Workshop: Recap!


Privacy was not necessarily on the top of my list of priorities until curating The Dissidents, the Displaced, and the Outliers. As a matter of fact, when asked to curate a show about privacy and surveillance in relationship to housing

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Outdoor Film Salon: Recap


As a part of The Dissidents, the Displaced, and the Outliers transbay exhibition, the Bay Area Society for Art & Activism has created a public programming series that reflects the exhibition themes of privacy, surveillance, and gentrification that affect housing

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Ruminations on the Dissidents, the Displaced, and the Outliers of the Bay Area


In thinking about the changes happening in San Francisco, I find the relationship between privacy and gentrification seems rather disparate at first mention. However these two concepts have become inextricably tied in urban environments subject to a particular influxes of new

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