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100 Days of Action

100 Days Action 100 Days is a counternarrative to Trump’s one hundred day plan. A calendar of activist and poetic action, 100 Days Festival gathers call to action from organizations and activist groups working in the crossfire of Trump’s plan (Black Lives Matter, Immigrant Coalition, Environment, Planned Parenthood, among others), while also calling on thinkers, performers, visual artists, and writers to propose gestures that can be carried out by participants either at home or in the world. 100 Days is an exercise in endurance, a call for daily action to all bodies that stand against bigotry, xenophobia, racism, sexism, and the destruction of our environment.

If there was a time to take action, to make a concerted effort at becoming politicized, and taking the steps towards affecting change, the time is now. Bay Area-based artists, writers, and cultural producers have come together  for 100 Days

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Open Engagement comes to Oakland

Mark your calendars. April 29–May 1, 2016 Our favorite family friendly conference of social practice artists, writers, movers, shakers, and makers is coming to Oakland! Open Engagement (OE) is an international conference and platform to support socially engaged art. The

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The View from Queens: An Interview with Artist Christine Wong Yap

Christine Wong Yap, Irrational Exuberance Flags, 2012–13, five flags and five sashes; flagpoles, bases; participation; flags: 48 x 48 up to 48 x 80 inches each, poles: 8 to 30 feet each. Supported by Lucas Artists Program at the Montalvo Arts Center.

I met Christine Wong Yap in the Summer of 1999 in Philadelphia at a heated July Fourth political rally in support of Mumia Abu Jamal. As two young Asian-American women navigating the East Coast with little more than a skateboard

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Open Engagement 2014: Life/Work

I just got back from the Open Engagement conference in New York this week. The theme of the conference was Life/Work and offered and opportunity for artists working in “social practice” to consider the seams, edges, overlap, torque, and friction

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