Can’t Stop Won’t Stop 2015

Can a mostly stay-at-home mom and a few incredible friends, raise $673 $473 $244 to ring in the New Year? Yes! With your help, the Bay Area Society for Art & Activism will reach its $3000 inaugural membership goal. Please click here to join now.

The momentum going into 2015 is tremendous and we have a lot planned. I recently wrote a small reflection about the difficult coincidence of fundraising during the turbulent and emotional movements in support Eric Garner and Michael Brown. And I’ve been inspired by the incredible work of the artists-activists recently described by writers Jeff Chang, Christian L. Frock, and Ben Davis.

WhereWeAtArtists and activist continue to be the courageous motor force that brings justice to the fore. Significant cultural and political change feels tangible and imminent. Let’s do this!

Our inaugural membership campaign ends at midnight on January 3, 2015. Please join me and over sixty passionate and principled individuals and become a member by clicking here.

With love,

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